since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
MAN Enterprise is an international leader in the construction industry. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of large-scale developments in the sectors of infrastructure, recreation, hospitality, education, residential, commercial, and industrial. We currently have projects in several locations in the MENA region.

Our company has come a long way since its first contract over forty years ago, where our management system plays a major role in achieving and accomplishing projects on time, to the highest standard of Quality, and within budget.

New U.S Embassy Compound in Beirut
The new US Embassy Compound in Beirut, Lebanon is one of the most prestigious US Embassy projects in the Middle East. This landmark complex is built over a land area of 180,000 m2.
El Nahr - Beirut, Lebanon
This multipurpose iconic project is a mixed use development encompassing office areas, retail areas and residences.
Viva Bahriah Towers 14 & 15 at the Pearl - Doha, Q
The Viva Bahriya Towers 14 & 15 Project consists of two residential towers in Viva Bahriya, Pearl, Doha, Qatar with a built up area of 90,000 m2.
Bu Fsila Logistic Village - Doha, Qatar
The Project is implemented on an area of 500,000 m2 in Manateq, Qatar. This project consists of the construction of eight warehouses with a total built up area of 108,000 m2.
Umm Obairiyah Complex - Doha, Qatar
Umm Obairiyah complex is a private development project that extends over almost 275,000 m2 of land.
Private Villas - Doha, Qatar
The project consists of the refurbishment of Private Residence Villas at Pearl Island, Fanar Fayrouz Area. The Residences erected have a total area of around 6,500 m2 and 1,600 m2 and ...
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