since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
MAN Enterprise is an international leader in the construction industry. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of large-scale developments in the sectors of infrastructure, recreation, hospitality, education, residential, commercial, and industrial. We currently have projects in several locations in the MENA region.

Our company has come a long way since its first contract over forty years ago, where our management system plays a major role in achieving and accomplishing projects on time, to the highest standard of Quality, and within budget.

MAN Enterprise expands strategically with Grundon
A ground-breaking new agreement to develop waste facilities across Middle East and Africa (MEA) has been signed by construction industry leader MAN Enterprise and Grundon Waste Management.
ABC Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon
ABC Verdun will be a quantum leap in the retail sector as it is intended to be a landmark shopping mall. ABC Verdun is a lifestyle ...
Commercial Building Marina - Mix 052 - Doha, Qatar
The project consists of the turnkey construction of the office tower comprising a basement, Ground ...
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