since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
since 1971
Building Concrete Relationships
New U.S Embassy Compound in Beirut - DEC. 18
The new US Embassy Compound in Beirut, Lebanon is one of t more...
El Nahr - Beirut, Lebanon - JAN. 17
This multipurpose iconic project is a mixed use developmen more...
Viva Bahriah Towers 14 & 15 at the Pearl - Doha, Q - JAN. 17
The Viva Bahriya Towers 14 & 15 Project consists of two re more...
Bu Fsila Logistic Village - Doha, Qatar - JAN. 17
The Project is implemented on an area of 500,000 m2 in Man more...
Umm Obairiyah Complex - Doha, Qatar - JAN. 17
Umm Obairiyah complex is a private development project tha more...
Private Villas - Doha, Qatar - JAN. 17
The project consists of the refurbishment of Private Resid more...
MAN Enterprise expands strategically with Grundon - MAR. 16
A ground-breaking new agreement to develop waste facilitie more...
ABC Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon - SEP. 15
ABC Verdun will be a quantum leap in the retail sector as more...
Commercial Building Marina - Mix 052 - Doha, Qatar - AUG. 14
The project consists of the turnkey construction of the of more...
Holiday Inn Hotel - Doha, Qatar - JUL. 14
Holiday Inn is a 4 star hotel consisting of three basement more...
Beirut Terraces - Beirut, Lebanon - JUL. 12
Beirut Terraces, this iconic project is located in the hea more...
West Side Car Park - Doha, Qatar - JUL. 12
The West Side Car Park is a high quality 2,959-car park sp more...
Multi-Storey Parking - Abu Dhabi, UAE - JUN. 12
A Multi-Story parking structure consisting of three underg more...
Oxygen Park at Education City - Doha, Qatar - APR. 12
The Project consists of the execution of the Oxygen Park, more...
Al Basra Sports City Hotel - Basra, Iraq - JAN. 12
Our scope includes the engineering, procurement & construc more...
5,000,000 Working Hours with ZERO accidents
OCT. 08

DOHA: "MAN Enterprise" received certificate of appreciation from "Qatar Petroleum" on behalf of "Qatar Foundation' for completing 5 Million hours without lost time accident. Around 1700 labours were involved in the construction of  "Qatar National Convention Center Car Park" as part of Qatar Foundation Programme.

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